Oral Surgery in Florham Park, NJ

If you’re dealing with a dental issue, there’s no need to wait in pain. Whether you require multiple dental implants or a simple extraction, oral surgery can correct issues and set your smile up for long-term success.


Extractions are always our last option — saving your smile is our number one priority. However, a problematic tooth is sometimes more trouble than it's worth. Your doctor may recommend an extraction as the best way to get your oral health back on the right path. With gentle techniques, and local anesthesia or sedation, decaying teeth can be removed to alleviate your discomfort or to make room for dental implants, a bridge, or another type of tooth replacement.

Dental Implants at Florham Park Smile Lounge

Dental Implants

If you're in need of an extraction, or already missing a tooth, there are several options you have for replacing that tooth. Dental implants can restore not just the look of your smile, but the functionality of your bite and your overall oral health. The most secure and long-lasting tooth replacement, dental implants can also slow or even stop the progression of bone loss by replicating the form and function of your natural tooth roots. Schedule a consultation today to find out if dental implants can help you regain your smile!

Implant Preparation

Having issues with your oral health can prevent you from getting implants. Luckily, you can ensure that you qualify for implants by taking advantage of our implant preparation services. Depending on your dental needs, we offer treatments like tooth extractions, bone ridge smoothing, and bone grafting. To get a dental implant that is strong and long-lasting, proper implant preparation is essential. With our expert care, we provide the best results for dental implants that can last a lifetime. Let's get you back to smiling with confidence.

Bone Grafting

Waiting to replace a missing tooth can cause serious consequences. Soon after you lose a tooth, bone resorption begins, making it difficult to place dental implants properly. Bone grafting increases bone density so that you can restore your smile with dental implants. Having strong bone density is required for placing an implant as it needs to have a strong foundation for the restoration. Bone grafting is one of the first steps in widening your tooth replacement choices. Get in touch to learn more about how we can restore your smile.

Crown Lengthening

Insecurity about a gummy smile is not uncommon. If you are wanting to change the shape of your gums, improve gum tissue, or prepare for tooth restoration, crown lengthening does it all. It serves cosmetic purposes by eliminating excess gum tissue around the teeth. This will give you a balanced smile that will make you feel confident. It also works as a medical necessity, for example, crown lengthening is commonly used to prepare a damaged tooth for a dental crown. Learn more about our options by getting in touch with us.


If you have been struggling to move your tongue or lip freely, we have a solution. Frenectomies are an effective, painless procedure that trims unnecessary tissue in the mouth. This allows you to breathe, swallow, and speak without a problem. The procedure may sound scary, but we assure you that it's a simple procedure that releases the excessive tissue from lip or tongue ties in just a single visit.

Abscess Treatment

We don't blame you for feeling anxious when a pocket of pus forms around your infected tooth root. This can cause not only stress but toothaches, poor breath, and even fevers. You don't have to deal with discomfort — let us solve the issue for you with an abscess treatment. An abscess treatment will clear out the pus and prepare your tooth before a root canal or extraction. This is the first step in your restorative journey to get your teeth back and thriving. Don't be afraid to get in touch if you are developing unwanted pus around your tooth.

Cracked Teeth

If you’ve cracked one or more of your teeth, chewing can begin to move the cracked pieces, which irritates the pulp within the tooth. Biting pressure can cause the crack to close quickly, which results in sharp pain. This constant movement will damage the pulp and generate consistent discomfort, even when you are not chewing. When left untreated, cracks can infect the pulp tissue, which can spread to the bone and gum surrounding the problematic tooth.

Our dentists specialize in saving cracked teeth and will tailor your treatment to ensure you can smile and chew again with ease. The sooner your crack is addressed, the better! Don’t hesitate to give our office a call for the care that can’t wait.

Pocket Reduction Surgery

Advanced gum disease can lead to adverse symptoms including tooth loss. This sounds scary, but we are here to help! Halt the progression of advanced gum disease with pocket reduction surgery. This surgery removes bacteria between the gums and tooth root, removing the need for more complicated procedures down the line. If you are at risk due to advanced periodontal disease and want to save your teeth, pocket reduction surgery can restore your oral health and save your smile.

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